2018 World Cup fundraising

by Chef de Mission on September 13, 2017

Here’s a peek at some of the perks now available at our fundraiser at Generosity.com by Indigogo.

Team Canada 2018 Quilt Team Canada 2018 Quilt by MamaWOW. Donors’ names will be entered into a draw for this single-bed-sized throw quilt with a flannel back, signed by the 2018 roster. teamcanada-merch-2017 Team Canada stickers, patches and T-shirts. We also have signed skater photos, special social media access, and our full selection of merch items, as well as special access to Team Canada coaches.










Our Story – from the Generosity.com website

Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby is training hard towards the third Roller Derby World Cup, to be held in Manchester UK in February 2018. One of our main strategic goals for this World Cup is to develop strong and cohesive team play, so our roster of 33 elite athletes travels from 14 home leagues scattered across North America and beyond to attend our monthly training camps or games.

Although this will be Team Canada’s third World Cup appearance, until now we have operated without stable funding. Our training and travel relies on the generosity of sponsors, friends and family, our athletes’ own pockets, and supporters such as YOU. Your donations here will go directly towards travel and operations to help us proudly represent Canada this coming year.

But we are also looking beyond this World Cup and planning for the future. This year we launched a new non-profit organization, Canada Roller Derby, whose mission is to build steady, ongoing support for the national roller derby teams, and to develop the sport across Canada. Now you can also support and have a voice in this initiative, by becoming a member of the new organization. All contributions $25 or greater include a one-year Canada Roller Derby membership.



L’équipe Canadienne de Roller Derby féminin s’entraîne très fort en préparation de la troisième Coupe du Monde de Roller Derby, qui se tiendra à Manchester, au Royaume-Uni en février 2018. Un de nos objectifs stratégiques pour cette Coupe du Monde est de développer un jeu d’équipe cohésif. C’est dans cette optique que 33 athlètes élite, de 14 différentes ligues à travers l’Amérique du Nord et l’Europe, voyagent pour participer à nos camps d’entraînement mensuels et parties.

Même si l’Équipe Canadienne en est à sa troisième apparition à la Coupe du Monde, jusqu’à présent nous fonctionnons sans source de financement stable. Nos entraînements et voyages comptent sur la générosité de nos commanditaires, ami(e)s et familles, les porte-feuilles de nos athlètes et des partisans comme VOUS ! Vos dons ici iront directement pour les voyages qui nous aideront à représenter le Canada fièrement dans la prochaine année.

Mais nous regardons aussi au-delà de la Coupe du Monde et planifions pour le futur. Cette année nous lançons un nouvel organisme à but non lucratif, Canada Roller Derby, dont sa mission est de construire un support croissant et consistant pour nos équipes de roller derby nationales et de développer le sport à travers le Canada. Maintenant, vous pouvez aussi nous supporter et vous faire entendre dans cette initiative, en devenant membre de la nouvelle organisation. Toutes les contributions de plus de 25 $ incluent une adhésion d’un an à Canada Roller Derby.



PDF version: TeamCanada_pressrelease_20170731_Team-Canada-to-UK-tournament

31 July 2017

Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby face England, Finland, Sweden
at international tournament in Nottingham, 5-6 August

In the leadup to the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup, Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby is one of three international teams invited by England Roller Derby to participate in the international tournament “Northern HemisFear,” to be held at Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK, 5-6 August 2017.

Competition features World Cup rematches

Besides Canada and England, Team Finland and Team Sweden are also invited to the round-robin tournament, which revives several late-round matchups from the last Roller Derby World Cup in 2014. England is the reigning World Cup silver-medalist, having prevailed over Sweden in the quarter-finals and Canada in the semi-finals. Canada placed fourth in 2014, having eliminated Finland in the quarter-finals. Team Canada expects all four teams to be contenders for the podium at the next World Cup, to be held in Manchester, UK, in February 2018.

International tournament experience for the full roster 

Team Canada will bring most of its current roster of 31 skaters and development players to Nottingham as part of a quest to solidify its team play. ”This tournament is a perfect opportunity for Team Canada to compete against other national teams prior to the World Cup. It also gives a chance for the athletes to get a taste of the competition they will encounter” at the World Cup, according to Head Coach Jessica Paternostro.

Team Canada focused on World Cup preparation

Since the current team was named in November 2016, Team Canada athletes have been attending monthly training camps or exhibition games, to date facing Team USA, Roller Derby Masculin de Montréal, Team Alberta, and five-time Women’s Flat-Track Roller Derby Association champions Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

These training opportunities are part of a long-term team development plan aimed at the 2018 World Cup. Says Paternostro, “Our focus is to solidify our game. We have had the opportunities to compete in scrimmages and games, but this will be the first tournament for Team Canada [in this World Cup cycle]. I’m looking for Team Canada to improve and grow stronger with every game. With Canada being so large, we have been working on unity and consistency. We are working hard to make sure our strategy is on point and executed with confidence and precision.” Assistant Coach Bryan Mcwilliam adds, “Our goal throughout the entire journey to the World Cup in February is to keep our process in mind and build towards our goal of reaching the podium at the Cup. The tournament in Nottingham is a stepping stone in our team’s development and progress towards that end goal.” Strength & Conditioning Coach Ian Verchere notes that, “Halfway into our 2018 World Cup mission, this tournament is a chance to assess the results of the hard work the athletes have been doing both on and off the track.”

Team Canada bootcamp and exhibition game vs London men

In the days following the tournament, Team Canada will also coach a bootcamp in Birmingham, UK, on 7 August, and reconvene in London for an exhibition game against Southern Discomfort Men’s Roller Derby on 8 August.

About Canada Roller Derby

Canada Roller Derby is a non-profit organization founded in 2017, whose mission is to manage Canada’s national roller derby team(s) and to develop the sport across Canada.

Northern HemisFear tournament graphic, England Roller Derby Northern HemisFear tournament graphic, England Roller Derby



Web:  http://canadarollerderby.com
Facebook:  TeamCanadaRollerDerby
Twitter: @TeamCanadaRD
Instagram: @teamcanadarollerderby



Athlete profile: Midori Ohtake (KonichiWOW)

July 29, 2017

Midori Ohtake, aka KonichiWOW, was co-captain of Team Canada in the 2014 World Cup. She has skated with Queen City Roller Girls in Buffalo NY in 2011, Windy City Rollers in Chicago from 2012 to 2014, and Montreal Roller Derby since 2015. She works in the lab of a large tea retailer.

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Athlete profile: Carla Smith (Scarlet Bloodbath)

July 29, 2017

Carla Smith, aka Scarlet Bloodbath, grew up in the mountains of British Columbia and currently skates for Terminal City Rollergirls in Vancouver. She works as a registered nurse specialized in oncology.

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Athlete profile: Kassandra Sundt (Maya Mangleyou)

July 29, 2017

Kassandra Sundt, aka Maya Mangleyou, played for Team Canada at the 2014 World Cup. From Edmonton, she currently plays for Boston Roller Derby, where she was also head coach for two years and coached Boston’s All-Star team for two seasons. She is founder and currently president of Boston Junior Derby. By day, she works for […]

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Athlete profile: Tracey Mattinson (Cheese Grater)

July 29, 2017

Tracey Mattinson, aka Cheese Grater, has been playing roller derby since 2006, originally with Hammer City Roller Girls in Hamilton, and since 2009 with Montreal Roller Derby. She is Product Manager for a clothing chain and and co-owner of the LowlifeMTL skate shop

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Athlete profile: Melissa Perrault (Melejuana)

March 30, 2017

2017 is Melissa Perrault’s seventh season playing derby. Skating as Melejuana, she represents Montreal Roller Derby. She is a cook and makes art.

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Athlete profile: Lorianne Dicaire (Mange moi el cul)

March 30, 2017

Lorianne Dicaire has played roller derby since 2008 and is a long-time skater with Montreal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block. She also refs games in Montreal. Her sports background includes soccer, skateboarding, snowboarding, and karate. By day, Dicaire (aka Mange moi el cul) buys shoes and is the proud co-owner of Montreal skate […]

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Athlete profile: Yuna Guivarc’h (Falcon Punch)

March 30, 2017

Yuna Guivarc’h, aka Falcon Punch, started playing roller derby in 2011, and represented Team France in the 2014 World Cup. She has jammed since 2014 for Montreal Roller Derby’s New Skids on the Block. A nursing student, she has a background in gymnastics and Muay Thai.

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Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby announces 2017 team

November 7, 2016

Download PDF version: http://www.teamcanadarollerderby.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/TeamCanada_pressrelease_20161106_Team-Canada-roller-derby-team-announced.pdf FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6 November 2016 Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby eastern tryout at Rockland Arena, Rockland, Ontario, 16 October 2016. Photo: Henry Leung, delightography.ca Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby announces 2017 team Following two well-attended open tryouts, Team Canada Women’s Roller Derby is proud to announce a 28-person team plus six […]

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