Team Canada Launches Funding Campaign to travel to Dallas!

by Ewan Wotarmy on August 4, 2014


We are excited to announce its launch of a fundraising campaign to get all skaters and coaches to the 2014 Blood and Thunder World Cup in Dallas, Texas this December.

In 2011, at the first Blood and Thunder World Cup of Roller Derby,Team Canada won 5 out of 6 games to place second and brought home a silver medal. This year, in honour of the 2014 Blood and Thunder World Cup of Roller Derby in Dallas, thirty players from across Canada have been selected to form the national team. They’ve have been training for years for this moment: to represent their sport and their nation at a world class event and they need your help to make it possible!

What They Need

Team Canada wants to make the tournament accessible for all of its players, who are ordinary working people: students, parents, athletes. They want to fly the players and coaches to Dallas and put them up in shared accommodations for the entire tournament – so that they can focus on training and playing in the months leading up to the games.

All funds raised on this public campaign will supplement the funds raised selling merchandise and the in-kind help received from corporate sponsorship.

Other Ways You Can Help

The more people that contribute to this campaign, the more support the players receive in their pursuit of excellence at the World Cup.

  • Please share their campaign on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram (insert links)
  • Tell any Canadians (or fans!) you know how they can support the national team by visiting this page!
  • Buy Team Canada merchandise! (insert link)
For more information about Team Canada, please contact the coaching staff.

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