Now is the time Canada!

by Mack the Mouth on October 24, 2011

Like the last few jams of a tough game we need everyone to get out of their seats and get on their feet. The first ever World Cup of Roller Derby is just over a month away and Team Canada needs every skater, fan, coach, NSO, ref and volunteer in Canada. In order to cover just the basic travel costs for the world cup itself we will need to raise almost $15,000. If we want to practice as a team prior to the World Cup that number is closer to $20,000. Imagine putting a team together for a tournament and not having the ability to practice? Canada has the toughest travel logistics of any team competing in the World Cup. Our skaters cover 6 time zones, almost every available surface has ice on it this time of year and there are two national airlines. We now need your financial support more than ever…”Get up on your feet and help us compete!
I am asking every skater in Canada to give 5, 10 or 20 dollars, that every team in Canada donate 50 or 100 dollars, and every league in Canada donate 100, 200 or 500 dollars. That’s what we need in order to get our country’s team together to practice prior to the World Cup. If every skater, ref, coach, nso, photographer, announcer, fresh meat and fan donated even just $5.00 each our fundraising would be achieved.
We have had some sponsors and leagues skate up to the line for us but we are still short of our goal…we need what makes this sport unique, we need the community of derby to skate up to the line.

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