Playing the world in 80 days

by Mack the Mouth on September 12, 2011

First thing I want to remind you all about is how critically important fundraising is for an event such as this. I know blah blah blah money, money , money……but it will cost Team Canada more than it will cost Team USA to get everyone to Toronto for the World Cup. We have less airline options, less corporate opportunities which means we need more help from everyone that plays, supports, volunteers and loves roller derby. Not only is it the fastest growing women’s sport in the world today it’s also the best!
Our first run of t-shirts will available soon with more to come, I am dropping merch off this week in Toronto and Edmonton and we are about to launch it on-line. Every penny of proceeds will go to help cover travel costs for the 20 skaters and coaches attending. So right now we need the help of all fresh meat, rookie, multi year veteran, NSO, Ref, photographer, support staff, volunteers and of course the fans. This sport has become so big in Canada that if everyone I just mentioned, from every league, donated $10 or $20, all of the funding required for Team Canada would be covered!!
So donate on-line, have a donation bucket at your next bout, run a 50/50 draw at your next bout, ask your league to make a donation or host fundraiser or buy some merch on-line (coming very soon).
This World Cup is setting the ground work for the future of this sport, there are fresh meat out there right now, wobbling around like baby giraffes on their skates that will be pulling the maple leaf jersey on for their country in years to come…..

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