The Vancouver Courier: Vancouver’s Luludemon Rolls Her Way to the Top

by admin on October 12, 2011

Here’s a great article from the Vancouver Courier on Team Canada Roller Derby’s Luludemon:

Some players on the roller derby track are large, brawny and look like they’re in the business of bruising.

Lucy Croysdill, derby alias Luludemon, is not any of those things.

The slim, five-foot-four Croysdill, sporting red-hued pigtails and bangs, is a feisty-yet-friendly East Sider who is, for the most part, in the business of running her own clothing line.

She’s also a roller derby team captain who doubles as Vancouver’s first roller girl to make Canada’s inaugural national roller derby team. Croysdill will represent Canada at the December debut of the Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto.

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