A message from Team Canada

by Mack the Mouth on December 6, 2011

Dec 6th 2011
Wow…that was unlike anything any of us have experienced in our lives!!
The outpouring of support and emotion from skaters and fans across Canada was unbelievable. Many of us have only just now had a chance to read and reflect on your messages of support and pride. Coast to coast you cheered us on, quietly yelling at work, screaming in your front room, or gathered in larger groups cheering for Team Canada. Your spirit and energy pushed us to perform on the world stage and prove where the other best players in the world play!!
You backed this team financially and lifted us up emotionally…it was commented on many times at the venue how incredible, hospitable and appreciative all the Canadian fans were. We know first-hand that Canada has the best Roller Derby fans in the world.
Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude. This was a long incredible journey that didn’t end on Sunday, in fact a whole new era of Roller Derby has just been presented to the planet and we are proud to have played a part in it, as all of you should be too.
Team Canada will continue, this event will continue and we hope your support, love and enthusiasm will continue as strong as ours does for every person who cheered us on.

Team Canada

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