Strategic Planning Survey Highlights

by Chef de Mission on September 16, 2016

by Alyssa Kwasny (Georgia W Tush)
Team Canada Business Manager

View the highlights as a PDF here: teamcanada-strategicplanningsurvey2016-highlights

As we approach the next World Cup in 2017, Team Canada looks forward to learning from both the positive and negatives from our past to prepare and make the next version of the team be the most successful one yet. We know that one of the keys will be transparency, a goal that may have been compromised in the past due to lack of time and resources.

As a Team Canada player in 2011 and 2014, a former sponsor, and current staff member, I have seen all of the ups and downs that can occur on a National team. From the joy of winning important games, the feeling of support across the country, to personal injury in that most crucial moment, to the heartbreak of losing a medal, the bittersweet feelings of watching from the sideline, and the pride of representing Canada. As the Business Manager of Team Canada, it is my job to ensure the success of the team as an organization off the track, and make certain that the experience of both the skaters and staff are positive. Not only that, my goal is to gain the support and national pride of all Canadian fans of roller derby across the country.

During the summer of 2016, our Chef de Mission Germaine Koh (PLAYER 1) undertook a Strategic Planning survey (PDF link here) of selected past team members and staff, sponsors, officials, announcers, and members of the Canadian roller derby community. We wanted to know their thoughts and opinions of Team Canada past, present, and future. We gathered this information to understand what worked and what we can improve on to make the next Team Canada even more successful both on and off the track.

The majority of responses we received were positive, and with a helpful amount of constructive criticism. Of course, there were some questionnaires that were not positive, and we thank everyone who took the time to give their honest and frank opinions. As an organization, we look forward to improving what already works, and also the aspects that need to be revised.

Overall, we took this survey to hear the voice of Canadian roller derby and plan for the future. Not only does this survey show the passion we have for the growth of Canadian Roller Derby, but it really gets the fire going for the next World Cup. We hope to see all sorts of hopefuls out at tryouts in October. No matter what league you are from, we encourage all with a dream to represent to just give it a shot.

See ya on the track!
P.S. We urge you to go through the general highlights of the survey and give us your own thoughts. You can e-mail Germaine Koh at teamcanada.chefdemission (at) gmail (dot) com.

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